On Mother's Day, Sunday May 13th, I went with my mom to the Chicago Botanic Gardens just north of Chicago.
(If you're ever in town..go! It's gorgeous and peaceful). It was packed with families enjoying the perfect day.
On the way back to the car, we noticed a group of people looking up at the sky. "Wow", said Mom, "aren't those
chemtrails?". I took some photos. The parking lot had dozens of people just standing there, looking up, saying
"What the hell is going on up there?". The planes were low and noisy and obvious. We drove home, about 25
miles from the Gardens, and when we got there I looked up to see yet more planes spraying more chemtrails,
including the one below which was very low. If this is 'normal water vapor' from engines, how does one
explain the three obvious lines being sprayed below? I haven't seen any three engine planes lately. How do
the lines cut on and off and taper? Puh-lease.