Jan 26, 2002 Good thing we have a ban on flights today! <snort>

I was reading, happened to look up out the window andI went WOAH! when I saw this .It literally happened in 30 minutes since I looked up last. My crappy camera doesn't do it justice. They were HUGE and dripping.They sprayed for about two hours...sometimes 6 and 7 planes at a time, heading towards each other, criss crossing two at once, three out on the horizon just paced in back of each other. Doesn't show up too well down at the tree line, but there were at least 15 lines all in a neat, close row, continuing off in that direction. The interesting part was that our Dear Mayor Daley was in the news yesterday announcing that the fly-over ban for the downtown Chicago area would not onlly be extended time-wise, but would extend territorial-wise to include a greater air space.
Strangely, this area being sprayed is about dead-center over Downtown.


Lemme just say it's the nearest you can get to it, considering they're not supposed to be there. I see an
occasional plane here during the day, going East to West. Just one now and then, some huge slow moving jet.
After about 2 hours, everything stopped dead and that was it for the rest of the day.