George in (usually beautiful) Macon, Georgia sends in:

These pictures were taken on the 26th of November @ 7:00 am. As you can see, what started out as a clear, blue sky day soon changed to a completely haze covered afternoon, with the sun unable to penetrate it. We have Warner Robins AFB about 18 miles south of town where these planes were coming from and a phone call to the base yielded no results of an explanation. I took over 60 photos within 30 minutes and was truly amazed at how fast these chemtrails covered the sky. I'll keep watching for more of these & hope to get some more pictures.
(thanks George! Interesting how 'normal contrails' only happen in one section of sky, huh? George got the usual explanation- the "We Don't Have To Explain" explanation. Your tax dollars at work)

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