Dyn-O-Mat Promises Clear Skies .. New storm-fighting product dissipates clouds.

Dyn-O-Mat, a Florida-based environmental products company, says it successfully tested a formulated polymer substance capable of removing clouds from the sky. Dyn-O-Storm works by absorbing water from the storm and turning it into a gel that drops to the ocean.

On July 16, Dyn-O-Mat CEO Peter Cordani and a team of weather experts loaded 20,000 pounds of the storm-busting product into a C-130 jet at Palm Beach International Airport. During that day's test, team members removed a building thunderstorm completely from the atmosphere, a first-ever feat documented by Doppler radar, the company said. In the future, Dyn-O-Mat says it hopes to muzzle a hurricane.

In their latest experiment, large military aircraft scattered the powder through a storm cloud 1600 meters long and over 4000 meters deep. It took about 4000 kilograms of powder to soak up the moisture from the cloud, making it virtually disappear. "I had calls from a weather tower and even from Channel 5 news in Miami, saying that they had seen the cloud literally disappear off the radar screen. They confirmed that there had been a tall build-up and the next moment it was gone," Cordani says.

August 3, 2001

The Dyn-O-Mat company, based in Florida, has patented a substance called Dyn-o-Gel. It's made of water absorbent polymer plastic called a polyacrylamide,which the Dyn-O-Mat company uses in products like oil-absorbing mats that catch auto fluid leaks in garages. It's also used to liquid absorbing disposable diapers. Their theory is that on a massive scale, Dyn-O-Gel can be dumped into hurricanes and possibly lessen their wind speed (the estimate of effectiveness is a 20 mph reduction). Their motivation is purely humanitarian, of course - to save lives and lessen property damage. Their site even helpfully lists some hurricanes, their death tolls and property loss totals to remind us of just how bad hurricanes are and to hint that they could have just sucked the life out of say, Hurricane Andrew, a major super cell of a hurricane that holds the record for the Big Kahuna. My, won't the insurance companies be interested in this!

It all sounds warm and fuzzy until I read further and the company, on a more realistic level, gushes over the possibility of Saving The Day by using this technique to dry up approaching storms that might ruin that All Important Sport Game. Woman's World magazine wrote in March '02: "this powder will give you perfect weather every day and that in a top-secret test, this weather wonder drug was scattered over a storm by military planes. The company spokesman: Peter Cordani. The product: DYN-O-Gel. The Spin: it will "protect the lives of millions, but it'll protect your leisure time, too."

According to the Associated Press, the American Meteorological Society says no hypothesis for hurricane modification has ever been proven to work. Meteorologists remain intrigued by Dyn-O-Mat's idea, but the field's history of unfulfilled promises has left them wary of Cordani's claims. "The Dyn-O-Mat folks need to develop a credible scientific hypothesis and move beyond anecdotal accounts [of] 'We dumped the stuff in a cloud, and it went away,'" says Hugh Willoughby, director of the Hurricane Research Division at the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

The Dyn-O-Mat company also says the gel is 100% safe. Even though the chemical reports of what's in the stuff says otherwise. The Dyn-O-Gel patent says one of the ways it could be 100% safe would be to use a family of organically based polymers. But they don't. And that's just a theory that hasn't even been worked with. They don't give the actual chemical components of their Gel, and no one is making them.

The Patent states that the product is made of: 'A superabsorbent polymer is a resin capable of absorbing water up to several thousands times as its own weight. These superabsorbent polymers are prepared from water-soluble polymers, but have cross-linking structures which render the polymers water-insoluble. By taking water-soluble ethylenically unsaturated monomers which readily undergo vinyl polymerizaton, such as acrylamide , with the use of cross linking agents, a polymer can be produced that is of uniform small size, has a high gel capacity, is highly insoluble, but highly water swellable i.e. a superabsorbent polymer. (Gel capacity refers to the property of the water swollen polymer to resist viscosity changes as a result of mechanical working or milling. The patent says the particles are "less than 4000 microns but greater than 50 microns" in size. )

The other reason the D-O-M company assures us their water-absorbing power would never harm anyone is because it won't ever be dumped over land where it could settle in our drinking water, our garden tomatoes, Fido's coat and in Junior's backyard wading pool. Or our lungs and eyes. I guess all those pesky rain clouds they can absorb so they don't rain out Olympic Games or big money making Play-Offs will be polite enough to hang out over the ocean, even if you live in Kansas. There won't be any unpleasant events because Dyn-O-Mat says there won't.
So begins, and ends, all the research on what effect it would, could or will have on humans.

I'd like to know how a business like Dyn-O-Mat self-appoints itself to Savior Status and is able to 'decide' and 'assume' all this is just fine and for some reason, no one with even one regulation or safety concern stops them. I'd like to know why they were just taken at their word that the material is 1000% safe to any and all marine life and humans, because the World Health Organization and EPA sure say otherwise.

This is what the EPA says about water-soluble polymers: (red- my emphasis)
'High Molecular Weight Polymers in the New Chemicals Program'

There are three categories or types of High Molecular Weight (HMW, >10,000 daltons) polymers typically reviewed by the New Chemicals Program: soluble, insoluble/non-water absorbing ("non-swellable"), and water absorbing ("swellable"). EPA has a concern for potential fibrosis of the lung or other pulmonary effects that may be caused by inhalation of respirable particles of water-insoluble HMW polymers.
The toxicity may be a result of "overloading" the clearance mechanisms of the lung. EPA also has concerns for water absorbing polymers, based on data showing that cancer was observed in a 2-year inhalation study in rats on a HMW water-absorbing polyacrylate polymer. Each of the three types is treated differently as indicated below:

c. Water absorbing (swellable) polymers. For these substances the Agency makes the "may present an unreasonable risk" determination with concerns for fibrosis and cancer, based upon water absorption properties. Concerns are associated with substances that absorb their weight (or greater) in water. The primary reference for Agency concerns for this class of polymers is TSCA 8(e)-1795, submitted by the Institute for Polyacrylate Absorbents (IPA), which indicated that high molecular weight polyacrylate polymers caused lung neoplasms in animal studies.

I'd like to know if this would have been one big happy Photo-Op and Boys-With-Toys media giggles if you or I decided to do this. How do you get to call a press conference, fire up your own personal tanker, and go do a weather modification experiment. Why did they get Federal funding for this? What happened to the law that makes it illegal for the military to do weather modification experiments or contract anyone to conduct them? Oh...I forgot - they can lie. Hell, it's the American Way.

"So has the military come calling at Dyn-O-Mat?"
"Absolutely". There is an awkward pause, and then a laugh. "Whether I can comment on that is another matter."

The Dyn-O-Mat company is hoping to sell this to the Government/Military. I put this story up because I remembered this company and it's goal when I started hearing from people in Arizona that they have been witnessing military jets spraying 'something' just in front of incoming storms, and those storms broke apart and never turned to rain. They have not had a monsoon/normal rainy season in Arizona for three years because of apparent weather modification.

The Air Force 2025 site - a fascinating piece of work by dozens of military students and officers which "examine the concepts, capabilities, and technologies the United States will require to remain the dominant air and space force in the future". Some are purely Blade Runner ideology, some ideas fine-tune and evolve current procedures and explain how to update and improve the military based on cutting edge technology and lots of work. No facet of military ability is left unanalyzed.

(NOTE: In spite of some web sites screaming and weeping that this is The Evil Blueprint for Them Taking Over, the 2025 Project is a research paper done in 1996 but getting a lot of attention now due to the state of things. It's a public document. It's not an already Funded, You-Peons-Are-In-For-It-Now work order.)
From the "Weather as a Force Multiplier" Report:

"Extreme and controversial examples of weather modification-creation of made-to-order weather, large-scale climate modification, creation and/or control (or "steering") of severe storms, etc.-were researched as part of this study but receive only brief mention here because, in the authors' judgment, the technical obstacles preventing their application appear insurmountable within 30 years. If this were not the case, such applications would have been included in this report as potential military options, despite their controversial and potentially malevolent nature and their inconsistency with standing UN agreements to which the US is a signatory.

At least someone is paying attention - the officers who wrote this paper know we're/they're not supposed to be doing this stuff. Including legal and moral issues.

Well. Call me silly...I don't much like the idea that no studies have been done on what these water sucking, powdered gel particles can do to our lungs, eyes and mucus membranes. Why this is all some little private party, even having a magazine say there have been "secret experiments"...yet it's using public air and ocean. Why is it secret? Plastic anything does not just 'completely disappear' as the company claims. Plastic is forever.

Interesting how the FDA takes years buries things in red tape and permits for years, things like the approval of effective, proven safe drugs that they say they can't out of hand say is "safe" and allow out there - even though they have been used in other countries, safely and effectively for years because -hey - they worry about us so. And we all know the amount of mistakes, recalls, deaths, and terrible tragedies that have resulted from things being approved for us to eat, breath and use chemically even after all that testing proves it's perfectly OK. Usually after the class action lawsuits pile up the records show that Payola, fudged statistics, incomplete and flawed research - or greed let slip through.
The Patent says 'various changes may be made without departing from the scope of the invention', which means ....who knows?
Dyn-O-Mat doesn't seem to have to explain, test or disclose a thing.


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