These pictures were taken by Dave who lives near Sacramento, CA. He sent a picture of a police copter in which two UFOs turned up and when I wrote back, he said he'd been actually taking photos of Chemtrails. Want some? I said "sure!". I had someone from GA sending me pics, almost in hysterics, saying see? see? look what they're doing here? My God! I kept writing back saying 'one-line' is nothing come here for a few days. So when I got Dave's photos with the quiet note "Yeah, they're really at it again". I thought ok...hmm...more "a line" stuff? Well! When I saw his terrific photos I said, "Holy ****" (Please note: the 'f' word was not in there. I'm quite proud of myself these days at my attempt to reform my Pottymouth).
These are such great examples of the drippy, multi-"sprayer" lines, twisty thick ropes and obvious "not" normal air traffic or contrails (which They tell us are always at 30,000 feet or above). I sent two to the person in Jawjah l and said "THESE are chemtrails, toots - quit whining. Breathe deep, while you can" . This is obvious 'spraying something'. Dave sent a few more over the next day. He added that they seem to be sprayed 'into' the sun so they're hard to photograph without the sun ruining the photo. Thanks, Dave! :)
photos © Dave


If this was somehow -just for the sake of argument - 'regular' contrail airplane exhaust, wouldn't someone be screaming about pollution? Or the weathermen mentioning how interesting it all was to have the sky buried in "contrails"? In this day of us being told to be on "Alert" and to report anything suspicious...this can go on and not one word is said - not even to assure people who call the police, area airports or news stations asking what is that going on up it OK? How does this escape scrutiny when someone dropping laundry detergent on a public sidewalk brings out a HAZMAT team and the area is shut down while They tell us that Anthrax and any manner of horrible biological death might be in our future? Why are people who do call and ask questions told to MYOB? Or "we'll get back to you" but no one ever does? Whose unmarked planes are allowed to do this without accountability? Why are people reporting that this is making them sick and yet the medical community isn't asking what's going on? How did this happening over our heads get to be "normal" and none of our business?

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Notice the Chembow on the left. At high altitudes this is caused by ice.
At low altitudes this is caused by oil/ fuel / chemical soup.
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The FAA and NASA state that normal contrails only occur at
33,000 feet and higher. They've suggested planes fly between
24,000 -31,000 to help "cut global warming". Chemtrails are
sprayed well under 15,000 feet, if not low enough you can smell them.
For reference, Mt. Everest is 29,032 feet high.
Did you click again?!?! This is a 'big' photo! :D This isn't that "big"-
it's that low

Obviously this is much lower and not thin, short, white 'skyscraper' jet contrails that dissolve as the plane moves along. Contrails are the result of water vapor and fuel burn-off from jet exhaust freezing in the cold upper air. They last a few seconds to possibly a minute. They usually dissolve and "follow" the plane's direction as that disappear. Contrails don't stop and cut off in midair or create huge "puffs" when they end or start. The short on-off patterns, lines and grids you see as chemtrails and the at times tight, circular patterns, check marks and wide spray could obviously not be made by huge 'passenger' airplanes in the course of 'normal airline traffic' as is one excuse (people would notice five or seven 747's going over in an hours' time right over their heads. And for those unlucky enough to live by an airport you know passenger jets that do go over so low you can't hear yourself think don't leave contrails). High altitude military jets that we know as the "skyscrapers' leave contrails because they are up over 30,000 feet - chemplanes are often so low people not only see them spraying, but see the crap coming out of the engine area, see the spray being turned on and off, and witness several of these hitting the same area at once, criss-crossing and not flying a "regular" passenger flight pattern. They are clearly up there to blitz and run. This also isn't the regular icky dirty grey exhaust that you can see coming from planes on take off or landing - that's just regular old Pollution. .

Every plane being seen spraying chemtrails has been an unmarked, totally white craft with the possible exception of red tail and/or engines if there is coloring. There are no identifying numbers, letters or insignia or marks of any kind on them. (Totally white, unmarked aircraft generally belong to the United Nations. This may or may not apply in these cases. Since it's all a "stupid conspiracy, I'll also throw in that unmarked White vans are also United Nations vehicles...:) ). In the one instance where an aircraft's "N" number was seen and recorded, investigation revealed the plane was registered to an aviation company that had no findable phone number and was seen spraying by witnesses, hundreds of miles from it's "home" location. You'll have to trust my researching on that - the plane"s story was a trail of info that turned out to be bogus and ended up with an answer that scared the hell out of me. I'd have to "out" a dear friend of mine to give and 'fess up that I was digging places I shouldn't have been to tell the details, and I won't. And that's what's so frustrating. This is all covered up well; even a simple plane seen spraying chems has a massive alibi behind the paperwork. That's not the way of innocence.

Up until very recently, most craft witnessed were KC-135 and KC-10 tankers, The last 2 years the aircraft most often reported across the US seen spraying chemtrails are small, agile Cessnas or similar sized craft.

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