A typical Chemtrail Blitz - my, my, my how the sky changes in 4 hours. A nice, clear sunny day is turned into a milky white glop of chemclouds. This was done in one area of sky near Sacramento, CA. This is a great example of what is so often reported by people who witness this - clear skies, spraying, and the whole thing going white. A lot of times this is also done as a Front moves in, just at the edge of the clouds. People out west in Arizona and New Mexico say it's to kill incoming storms and seems to suck the moisture right out of the clouds, collapsing what even TV weathermen swear will be a torrential downpour. Here in Chicago, Thanksgiving Day was hammered from above in blatant, low X's and grids so close you could easily see the roils and shadows within the columns of spray. WHY? No one's answering. Or explaining why planes come out of nowhere, do this, then disappear. It's not normal air traffic. It's not a day's accumulation of some 30,000 feet high. Regular planes can be seen in the same skies leaving no trails. Regular planes can also be not seen in the same skies, as it seems that when this blitzing goes on, somehow that regular traffic stays out of the way of the chemplanes, who fly, double back and loop around so erratically to get into positions to spray that there's no 'flight plan". They're not going anywhere. It's not Grandma Jane or Mr. Businessman on a flight to Miami. It's military Tankers or plain white Cessnas flying up in some well-planned manuver, and then getting the hell out of there.
And leaving stuff like this.

(pics by Dave)
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Dec. 1. 2002 - 12:30 pm
just one faint X..marking the spot?
..and the fun begins. A plane on the left
lays down lines where they left off.


After a few hours of spraying. You can see 2 planes laying down trails slanting in from middle left; and middle right. This is typical - pairs working together making Xs and #s

Chems continue to sit and fan out; a plane lays
down another trail on right

Dec 1 2002 - 4:12 pm ...
... 4 hour Chemical Soup

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