These are from Cathie in Louisiana. They show a good example of what a lot of people are saying they notice about chemspraying - it's often done at the edge of an incoming front. People in Arizona report that when this is done it breaks up the momentum and intensity of the storm, usually causing that storm to never happen. People in the midwest report that this seems to be done to hide or blend the chemtrails in with the clouds that are moving in. Cathie's got good examples of the "sputter switch", too - the inconsistent flow of whatever it is being sprayed. It cuts off, back on, comes in puffs that vary in thickness and amount. Also seen is the mysterious phenomenon They try to convince us of - just one small section of sky has the correct humidity to make a what they say is a perfectly regular contrail, many thousands of feet lower than what the altitude is for a contrail to form and the rest of the sky is clear and unaffected. (Thanks, Cathie!)
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