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In the last few years Chemtrail sightings have become so common in some areas that there has been a public outcry for an explanation. You've most likely seen "contrails" left by high flying jets.Those thin white "scrapes" you see way up there are made by water vapor and occur between 10,000-30,000 feet. They last from 4 seconds to a minute and dissolve away in the direction they're made. As a kid it was fun to see one and watch the "skyscrapers" . There is current discussion that these regular contrails might be contributing to excess cloud covers and even weather-control as an inadvertent symptom of increased plane traffic - by this it is meant the 'regular air traffic' contrails made by the water vapor of high flying jets.
This isn't what we're talking about here. And sad to say, "they" know it, perfectly well but will parrot back the "all you're seeing is normal air traffic' line anytime someone demands an explanation to the Cemtrails. Contrails occur during specific atmospheric conditions or only in certain altitudes when it's cold enough to turn the water vapor to ice. This again has nothing to do with, nor explains why Chemtrails are seen during any and all weather conditions, at varying heights in the sky, during all times of the year, all across the US and other countries. Some are sprayed so low, people report smelling the chemicals in them. They major problem with Chemtrails is that they are making people very sick, and once you start noticing you'll see you don't feel too great after a 'spray day', either.

What are chemtrails? Bets are if you watch the sky for a few weeks you will see them. They resemble jet contrails in that they start out as a white line of 'trail' from an aircraft. Unlike contrails, they can be very low and are sometimes tinged with oranges, yellows or purples or even reflect oily rainbows in them.. Instead of being that crisp "sky scraper" line, they are thick and clumpy and often appear to 'drip'. They slowly fan out to a "spider web" hazy cloud cover that spans a large section of sky. Reports of 60-mile "cloud systems" from a single Chemtrail spray has been reported. It's obvious when you see one that it's a spray of "material" or chemicals and not normal "water vapor" that the thin contrails are made of. Analysis of chemtrail spray have turned up powdered aluminum, barium, pathogens and even dried human blood cells.

Patrick Minnis, who seems to be the appointed "anti-chemtrail" spokesman at NASA's Langley Base and is the main man trying to tell us that "chemtrails" are just water vapor even says they get 'excited' about it: MSNBC article, July 27, 2000:

"NASA RESEARCHER Patrick Minnis studied satellite photos of the airplane jetstreams, which occur only when the sky is moist, close to forming thin clouds. What he discovered may sound far-fetched - but the evidence is clear.
For example, a distinctive oval-shaped contrail left behind by a test flight drifted across California for six hours, finally turning into a 60-mile-long cloud system. "We were very excited because it opened our eyes up to the fact that there's possibly a lot of clouds up in the sky that were originally contrails," Minnis said.
In another case, a figure-8 cloud created its own 60-mile swath of clouds over Texas and Louisiana over a nine-hour period.
NASA's Bruce Anderson actually went aloft to follow in the turbulent wake of a contrail. He came up with a theory for the role of contrails in causing atmospheric moisture to condense into clouds. "We do know that the sulfur in the fuel from aircraft generate aerosol particles, and those in turn can influence the formation of clouds," Anderson said. Could jet-caused clouds be enough to affect climate? "The number of clear days over the U.S. has decreased in the last 30 years, and we suspect that much of that is due to an increase in cirrus clouds, which we suspect is probably due to an increase in air traffic," Minnis said. And if such clouds trap heat, could they even contribute to global warming? That connection to the greenhouse effect is still murky. But there is evidence that contrail clouds can have a big impact on weather patterns. Last year, in the wake of Hurricane Nora, researchers got their most dramatic view yet: Moist air blanketed the nation's midsection from Nebraska to Texas, and scores of contrails fused into one enormous cloud - stretching for more than 800 miles."

Test Flight?! Let me humor certain persons for a moment and say that they are "normal contrails" they were experimenting with. Well then...I'd like to call attention to U.S. Code, Title 50, Chapter 32, Section 1520a - which makes it illegal to conduct tests which can effect or alter the weather or the environment without the specific consent of ALL Americans and also makes it illegal to subject the American population to any biological or medical experiments without their consent.

  Again - we're not talking about regular jet or plane CONtrails. This song-and-dance that we're seeing regular every day sky scraper jet contrails is the closest thing to an "answer" anyone has gotten from authorities on what the Chemtrails are. Oh .. and that we all are 'imaging' it ... look for yourself:  

A 'skyscraper'
A normal jet contrail.
They pretty much disappear in back of
the plane in a smooth motion as it flies forward.
The jest were usually so high you rarely were able to see it.

An example of Chemtrail spraying. This is not "normal air traffic"
This was about 700' up as calculated by my neighbor, an
ex-Viet Nam pilot who was outside watching them spray us.

This white, unmarked K-135 was photographed
in the act by Phil Marie, Sr.
Brilliant white, unmarked jets are currently
reported as those most often seen Chem spraying.

When you see Chemtrails, it's obvious. They are commonly see in patterns of "X" or "tic-tac-toe", parallel lines and random etches. (Again, 'normal air traffic" follows set and rigid air flight paths and do not fly where they feel like it in repeat, tight patterns). The lines can reach from horizon to horizon or be confined to a specific section of sky. Also commonly reported is the eventual oily "airport smell" , a 'metallic' smell or the smell of chemicals. This was two reasons people noticed them, but the main reason is that they are making people sick. Chances are if you see spraying in your area, you will be sick the next day or possibly within hours. You know those times, out of nowhere, you got a sore throat, or felt like you had the flu, or woke up in the morning feeling all stuffed up and achy? I bet if you had looked at the sky the previous day, you'd have seen Chems. The symptoms of "Chem-illness" include sore throat, "flu-like" feeling, diarrhea, itchy eyes, abdominal pain, joint aches and pain, headaches, fatigue and respiratory illnesses; upper respiratory and blood infections, severe asthma attacks, dizziness, inability to 'get a deep breath". People report symptoms lasting for as long as several months.

They sometimes leave a coat of dusty grit on windows and cars. Sometimes the spraying is so heavy that actual 'fluffs' or webs of material have fallen and covered whole areas. What they do is create a milky man-made cloud cover, turning bright sunny days into hazy, overcast whiteness. There is a way you can tell if you've been sprayed, and if you want to start being extra nosy, you'll be surprised.

Analysis of samples of the 'dust' that has fallen from the spraying and also air samples taken from areas hard hit has revealed high content of aluminum (7x higher than is allowed as "safe"), silica, blood and pathogens Why would anyone spray pathogens on the General Public? Who would spray aluminum powder which would linger in the air people are breathing? Why would someone spray silica particles which cause lung cancer? These are some of the answers people have been demanding. (And don't forget the many past, illegal experiments the U.S. Government has conducted on people which have caused illness and death. Outright, criminal acts of deliberate infecting of civilians and military for which the Gov. had to pay back reparations to the surviving families once busted. Hopefully They learned. Or did they?)

The facts are that "regular" jet contrails don't make people ill; they aren't made by white, unmarked military planes; they aren't laid down in grids and patterns which are in tightly controlled sections of sky, cutting on and off with a switch. They don't show up some days, with 6 planes spraying like crazy for hours, and then disappear for weeks. They don't show up for only one hour in one section of sky busy as bees and then that's it. They DO get so heavy they show up on radar.

  "Why doesn't anyone say anything about this if it's really happening?"  

Oh, but they do. And just like all the other topics which are 'sensitive' or taboo or anomalous, they're labeled as nuts, cranks, liars and kooks. And also threatened with losing their jobs if they talk...and much worse. But that's again one of the mysteries of all this. Tens of Thousands of people are demanding an answer and one poor town in Canada filed suit because it was continually sprayed so bad - and yet all anyone is told is "nothing is going on". If you put "chemtrails" into any web search engine you'll find hundreds of sites from well-known talk show hosts to personal sites to Chemtrail "clubs" which track all this mess in their state or areas. These people can not ALL be 'nuts'. Once in awhile someone has the guts to come forward. To of course be labeled a 'crank' or have a flood of disinformation types say it's all invented - they're just contrails. I've had people literally copy my entire Chemtrail site back to me in Email and debate (and not nicely) every single photo and story even if I didn't write or take the thing. They will include the 2 or 3 photos they think they can explain and not the other 200 they can't. . It's contrails. It's a "holding pattern" - yes, they fly in a loop like that. No matter I'm no where near an airport, that the "contrail" was 800 feet over my head, stopped and started as if by switch, smelled like fertilizer and oil, stayed there for 3 hours and last I remember, commercial jet airliners aren't capable of making a few tight circles. And that's all there is in the entire sky even though the sky is full of commercial jet aircraft that are making no contrails. Did you know the median age in the US is 47 years old? That's a lot of people who have been watching the skies for a lot of years and can tell you, this wasn't happening 5-6 years ago.

The ones who argue about this all being perefectly normal seem to be the ones who don't remember it being any different up there.

People aren't stupid. And people are not 'cranks' for getting angry about being treated like they somehow don't deserve a simple answer to what ought to be a simple question. Weather modification? Radar experiments? Mass inoculations? Then just say so. They point that no one is, is what's making it so sinister. So is it sinister? Some say yes, and think they've stumbled on a very scary reason as to what chemtrails are. Don't you stop rumor with fact? Why are there people who have come forward and said there IS something chemical/military/secret/not to be discussed going on (oh I forgot..they're cranks...). It's not just the lines in the sky. Why have samples of chemtrail spray been found to contain metals, barium, pathogens and all kinds of stuff that should not be in airplane fuel, let alone in our lungs? (Oh, I didn't happen that way..) When you don't give hundreds of thousands of people an answer to a question - from Jane and John Q Public to doctors and researchers who have made it their life's work to investigate this - then who's causing a "cover up conspiracy"?

All you have to do is start watching the skies. Educate yourself. Yes, there are contrails. These ain't them.

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