When 16th century Spanish
conquistadors first laid eyes on the
Candelabra in the Bay of Pisco, Peru,
they were told by the locals that they
didn't know who made it; it had been
there since before even they settled in
the area. It is 800 feet high and carved
out of the hillside - visible 12 miles out to
sea. No one has a clue why it's there.
Archeologists found a rope suspended
down the center column, which led some
to speculate that it's a type of
seismograph by which weights could be
suspended through pulleysropes and
counterweights. The problem with this is
none were ever found to back this up.
Only the one rope was ever found and for
that rope to still be there, laying exposed
to the elements, it can't be thousands of
years old show it's not that old. With the
massive size of this, small bells wouldn't
be visible from 12 miles out to sea or
even at the level this photo was taken
from to give an accurate sign of
earthquake or shifts. No one knows who
or why it's there, only that it's a mystery.