These strange holes, stretching for
miles over uneven, hilly ground,
were here for so long that the local
people have no idea who made
them, or why. Funny thing is no
one really saw the big picture until
the area was seen from the air.

Hundreds of man- sized holes are
carved into the barren rock near
Lima, Peru on a plain called
Cajamarquilla. Archeologists have
speculated they were dug to store
grain in. Two problems with this,
say the folks thinking out of the
box: there were a lot easier ways
to create storage containers than
the hard work and decades it must
have taken to chip out all of these,
and it would have made more
sense, if these were to store grain,
to build several huge chambers.

Ok, said the archeologists.
Perhaps they were used as one-
person tombs? Vertical graves of
some sort? But no bones,
artifacts, scraps, inscriptions,
jewlery...not even a tooth or strand
of hair has been found in them.
They have no covers to seal them
as you might a tomb and no
sacred history or even myth was
passed down to label them as

Some sections have holes in rigid
and perfect prescision; some run
in rows that curve up in arches,
some staggered lines. They vary in
depth to about 6-7 feet deep yet
some are merely shallow indents
as if not completed - though
surrounded by those that are.

To date, no one has a clue why
they're here, who made them or
what they were.