A former police officer in the UK, Alan Godfrey, went on a hike in Ilkley Moor intending to go to the town of
Ilkley to take photos of his visit. He surprized a small humanoid which ran away, then turned and raised
it's right arm, then continued off into some rock formations. The officer followed and saw a metallic disk.
In a fraction of a second it rose and disappeared into the clouds. (The photo was examined by Kodak which
declared it had not been tapered with.)

Soon the officer realized he was "missing" two hours. He also noticed his compass' polarity had
reversed, so that it now pointed South. The compass was examined by the University of Manchester's
Institute of Science and Technology who said the only kind of magnet strong enough to cause a reversal
like that was a Japanese model which was comercially unavailable
at the time, or some kind of rapidly applied or "pulsed" magnetic field generated by electricity.

Besides the missing two hour problem, Godfrey started having dreams of a starry sky and underwent
hypnotic regression. He told of coming upon the sliver craft during his hike and being taken inside where
he was painlessly scanned by an illuminated device. He described his captors as being about 4 feet tall and
having rough, greenish skin, large pointed ears, large black eyes, and hands with three big fingers "like
sausages". After the exam, Godfrey was shown harrowing images of Earth's environmental destruction
and another film which he said he swore he would not discuss. . He was then taken back to the place in
the moor where he had last been and speculated he took the photo of the alien as it left him, when it
turned around to wave goodbye.