Phillipe Bauche was an 18th century Geographer in France and published yet another map of
Antarctica in 1737, well before the continent was discovered. And again, it shows the land with no
ice on it and accurate topography which was only mapped in 1958 when the first seismic survey was
done. As shown on this map, it was discovered that under the existing mile of ice a waterway was
found dividing Antarctica into two land-masses. .
Even orthodox geologists believe the last time this ice-free condition existed was millions of years
ago. However it's absurd to consider that the knuckle dragging hominids which were scattered on
Earth back then were capable of mapping at that time.

So how did this happen to be recorded in not one but at least four maps? Either our "known" history
of human beings on this planet is wrong, our 'history' of our planet's development is wrong, there were
highly developed civilizations on Earth that we are ignroing because it doesn't fit into the established
"norm" or the ancient maps that predated these and were used as reference were done by alien
cartographers or someone - drawing our planet from the air..
The Buache map, 1737
An early 19th century map showing a void where
Antarctica is - because it wasn't discovered until 1818.