Well, well, well. Ain't this a hoot?
The government has long denied Area 51/Groom Lake Air Force Base existed but pretty much got busted and had to 'fess up when Russian spy satellites took photos of same and they were smuggled over to Our Side. Now all of a sudden, it seems to be perfectly OK. I found the photo on the right at the Terraserver, one of my favorite sites in the world. Not only is it a current photo of Area 51 taken by US satellites but it's for sale as a poster. So much for this big Clandestine Hush Up! It's now common wall decor. What intrigued me most of all is how much construction and building up this area has undergone over the years, and mind you, this is in the middle of Nowhere where the nearest Home Depot isn't right around the corner and 110 degree temps are common. Your Tax Dollars At Work..and for why? Well, it's none of our business, you see. Any of this. N O N E. But as you see, a great deal of our money has gone into it.
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