They *are* kinda cute...
when it's ALL over the world, ya gotta wonder...
why isn't anyone analyzing these?
Statues with eyewear  and suits unknown at the time
perfectly carved tracks to nowhere
A classic anomaly
These are in museums listed as 'bees' and 'birds'
Don't forget all the had were 'flint tools' according to the 'experts'
the tomb of Ptah-Hotep, left out of the travel brochures
If we don't know what it is *now*, doesn't that mean they were smarter than us?
Hundreds of man-sized holes carved in the middle of nowhere
African faces with helmets in Mexico, where Africans were unknown
How was this perfectly  ground without machinery?
So they say...
Lussac, France - hidden from the public
Hidden Palenque pyramid slab - machinery or space craft?
Yet here it is!
And of course, accurate from the air
Another one no one wants to tackle
Anomalous Maps
Another one showing an ice-free Antarctica, from 1737
Egypt, Peru, Bolivia, would they all know how ?
Not all that rare's a pic of one
Still smiling after all these years
Aztec Machine? Spacecraft?
Is this cave painting a map of the moon?
A rare intact bowl, buckets and bones in an ancient cemetey