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The problem with translating 'alien' writing is that we can only decode it using our Earthly intelligence. This means the glyphs, patterns and construction must fit into what we know as "language". If it doesn't fit , we won't understand. That's why we had no idea how to read Egyptian hieroglyphic until the Rosetta Stone was found and we saw how they translated into known Greek, giving us a key.

Languages fall into four types:

  • Alphabetic - consisting of 20-30 symbols where each is a consonant or vowel
  • Syllabic - usually 50-60 symbols where each represents a consonant/vowel combination
  • Ideographic - usually 500-600 symbols where each represents an idea or word
  • Symbols - consisting of single and complex insignia types (like Semaphore)

Then you have "Alien" languages or communications, which have come to us by people claiming to have them by way of actual Alien encounters. There is always the possibility that the receiver is delusional, hallucinating or trying to pull off a hoax. And usually not very clever ones, either. It's astounding how many Aliens out there only have a 7th grade working knowledge of how to invent some fancy-sounding words. Like Richard Shaver's "Mantong" language. Get it? Man-Tongue? Hahaha ! Or how Cosmic Travelers just happen to find some French guy in the middle of nowhere and happen to have an urgent message for Mankind for him to give to the world and it happens to be written in, amazingly for some reason, crappy French. But then there's there's stuff that makes you wonder because even if it's not Alien alien, it's an "us" we don't know a thing about.

Are these really examples of Alien languages or just alien? :)Judge for yourself.
Astral Badges
Mavis Burrows' Alien Artwork
The Granchi UFO Sign
Roswell Glyphs
Satan's Handwriting
Unknown Gobi Desert Scroll
The Voynich Manuscript
Various Others
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