Pretty much everyone who like Anomalous Stuff knows the story of the "UFO crash" near Roswell, New Mexico in 1947.
Jesse Marcel Jr., the son of the owner of the property the UFO crashed on, personally handled the UFO debris.
He said that the material the military later presented as "The Debris", was in fact, not.

Among the many details Marcel gave about the remains and incident, he had seen and handled little "I-beams" which were as light as air, would bend to extreme angles but not break, and would return to their original shape as if untouched. They had symbols embedded into them - not in the manner of silk-screen or painted; but embossed into the beam itself.

The Official military explanation of the I-Beams were that they were made of Balsa wood, which explained their lightness. They explained the "symbols" as being a red and green, holly-and-berry pattern found on a type of "Scotch" type sticky-tape, popular in the late 40's during Christmas season and used to decorate packages. This further proved the debris and 'crashed saucer' was some home made craft, or later, a weather balloon.

Poor Mr. Marcel can't win. In 1989, he made the above drawing; a rendition of the same drawing he first made in 1947 of the symbols he saw on the I- Beams. He pointed out again, as he did back in 1947, that the symbols were not "green and red" in color, but of a violet hue, as was the I-Beam material itself.
Some current researchers concluded then that they can't possibly have been Christmas tape. They now suggest the symbols were from Easter season tape, accounting for the 'violet' color, the symbol resembling a "cross" and a "stylized rabbit footprint" .

The photo on the right is from the debunked and hysterically awful "alien autopsy film" which claimed to show the Actual Honest To God and all Holy I-Beams recovered from the Roswell UFO. The script was identified as Archaic Greek. The saddest part about the Alien Autopsy Film is that legions of people actually believed it was "real" and defended it to the death, legions more mused and wondered about it in sincere manners, and late night Anomalous Talk Show Hosts I won't name insulted their listeners' intelligence by having guests on who swore to it's validity and chirped right in about how 'miraculous' it was. It took actual work by those with a brain in their heads to 'prove' to the gullible that it was, in fact, crap.