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Other Tidbits
  In 1881 New Yorker John Newbrough said he got messages from an 'angel' which he recorded over some time. The collection of writings became known as the OAHSPE, a bible-sized book which became gospel to 1950s UFO Contactees. The popular opinion on all this is that it's nothing more than a 'dangerous cult' and the UFO/Alien "angle" is merely the vehicle to rope people in.
  The Mormon faith is based on translations of strange engraved golden plates whose location was revealed to founder Joseph Smith in 1823, by God. Only Smith and 11 close friends, most of whom were related, were said to have actually seen the plates, which were kept hidden. It's said they were later retrieved by the Entity(s) which had given them to him. Someone sent me mail on the details that was terrific and which I misplaced but hope I'll find :x
  In 1928 Dr. Mansfield Robinson sent a message to the inhabitants of Mars via his shortwave radio, calling his language "Oom ga wa na wa" or "God is all in all". He died before he personally got a response, but ham operator Lyman Streeter claims to have gotten a reply, in English, in 1954 and wrote the book "The Saucers Speak!" (never mind that light-year-wise the signal wouldn't have even got to Mars yet). Robinson, UFO contactee George Williamson and friend Al Bailey had been using a Ouija board to contact the aliens and through the board were told to use the Ham radio instead. To speed things up, you know. They spoke in an easy radio code not unlike Morse code, getting messages such as "Greetings, you have-ok. Do not expunge your minds. You have inherent minds. Use them. Wait" The senders/aliens also included instructions as to when to change radio frequencies for the next broadcast. Some speculate the signals were from an Earth-based prankster, the possible give-away being that Aliens might know English better than your basic, badly dubbed 1954 Godzilla movie.

Above: A message which is claimed to have been left by aliens in Sao Paulo, 1959.
  Betty Andreasson, whose abduction was written about in books by Ray Fowler, has produced hundreds of pages of a cursive script that defies translation. After comparing it to medieval alchemist symbols, Fowler was able to translate one sentence which read "If you want to make light solid, show it to the moon". Ok, thanks!
  Richard Shaver, who's beliefs are a web site unto themselves, was a certified lunatic with of course, many followers. After hearing instructions and information from his power drill at work, (yeah, his power drill...) he believed a race of beings lived far underground in Lemuria and spoke"Mantong", which was the 'mother tongue' of the human race (man-toungue..get it? . He also claimed to have spent some time down there with Them, though research found that he was in a mental institution during that period. He learned Mantong first hand when exploring Lemuria and said the alphabet of Mantong matched English letter for letter except there were two "t's and no "y". He also believed that when rocks were cut into thin layers (especially rocks in Wisconsin) they showed photographs, hand bills, pictorial history, advertisements and books of the Lemurians. I've been dying to see some of his books but they're all out of print and no one I know will admit to owning them.
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