In 1982, psychic and healer Mavis Burrows was hanging around her house near Suffolk, England when she suddenly got "instructions from elsewhere' to grab some canvases, drawing paper and pens so she could make some "space art". She ended up making 14 "canvases" which took her two hours of nonstop, intense work that came to her as if "beamed"; almost at a pace too frantic to keep up with. There were also twenty smaller drawings done on paper.

The canvases bring to mind technical drawings. Some have remarked they see likenesses of generators, antenna, ramps and machinery. One author who wrote about Mavis' art went into a speech about the angles being 30- and 60- and 35- degrees which is "associated with the Pyramid at Saqqara". Mavis said she was given two clues as to the unravelling of these drawings; one the name Imhotep and the that this artwork all had to do with Crop Circles.

The drawing on the right, it was decided, was to show that the meaning of certain symbols used in crop cirles are altered with the addition of dots to them.

The "similarities" between the this glyph and the "Astral Badge" and "Granchi" glyph in this section were pointed out, as well as the similarity to certain early, more simplistic crop circles. The UFOlogists who worked with Mavis' stuff came to the conclusion that this is a very important communication from superior beings, but we're just not advanced enough to decode what they're trying to tell us. Poor Mavis! After all that work!

They say the same about us being too stupid to 'get' crop circles. . Which leads to something I read in an astronomy magazine not too long ago that I thought was a good point and got a kick out of - if the Aliens are so advanced, so concerned for our mortal, cosmic well being and have such a dire, important message to give us, yet know we're not on their level, then they'd be smart enough to dumb it all down and just TELL us already. If we can't solve Alien puzzles, how do we save our planet from some upcoming Cosmic Judgement?