In 1988 a huge UFO stopped over the house of Ludovico Granchi, who lived in Rio de Janeiro. He said as he looked up at it, a brightly lit panel resembling a holographic projection was made visible to him. It had black symbols on it and he felt he was supposed to copy these down. He ran inside and got paper and pen, and did so, as accurately as he could. It took him about 10 minutes. He said he was "in a panic" not only because the was this huge UFO over his head, but because he felt what he was writing down, and his accuracy, was of dire importance. When he was finished, the panel faded into the body of the UFO, which then moved away to a 'safe distance', then flew off so fast that it was gone in a second. He was left with no sense as to what he copied or why he was chosen to , but here it is.