On July 24, 1979 a teenage girl was lying in bed watching TV when she said she had a transportation" experience. She was not asleep and it was not particulariy late. She suddenly found herself going though a tunnel which placed her in a beautiful country landscape. she noticed flowers all around that looked like "curly Snapdragons" with soft, muted colors.
She was confronted by an Alien Family; a man, woman and child, who seemed surprized but not "very" surprized to see her there. The man introduced himself as Parz and the woman as Arna. She spent some time with them and they showed her around their city, then she suddenly found herself back in bed, still fully awake, just as she had "left" things and herself. She said the family as well as all the other 'people; she saw on her trip wore badges over their left breasts and she reproduced them here